What surfaces can Polish & Sealant and Gloss Highlighter be applied to?

Paint (automotive-type), chrome, glass, plastic (non-porous only such as plexiglass), fiberglass and polished metal (not brushed).

Besides autos, where else can I use Polish & Sealant and Gloss Highlighter?

Motorcycles, ATVs, boats, PWC, snowmobiles, RVs and aircraft all respond beautifully to our products.

Are Race Glaze products safe for clear coats?

Yes. All six of our products are safe for clear coats and single stage paints.

How often should I apply Polish & Sealant?

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend two to three applications per year. For most users, this means a spring and fall application.

What is the minimum recommended temperature for applying Polish & Sealant?

55 F (13 C) is the absolute minimum. For best results, apply between 60 – 80 F.

Can I apply Polish & Sealant to a car sitting in the sun?

No – vehicles should be treated in a shaded area for best results.

How long does an opened bottle of Polish & Sealant last?

If stored properly (60 – 75 F) it should last two to three years. Always protect Race Glaze products from freezing and elevated temperatures.

How much Polish & Sealant should I apply to my vehicle?

We recommend applying a “dime size” or less amount to one section at a time of approximately 2’ x 2’ in size.

How long should I wait before wiping off Polish & Sealant?

Polish & Sealant will dry to a haze in approximately 5 minutes. It doesn’t hurt to leave it for longer periods before wiping off.

What do you recommend for applying and removing Polish & Sealant?

A small, foam-pad applicator that is lightly dampened works best for application. For removal, micro-fiber works beautifully.

How do I best preserve the appearance and protection after applying Polish & Sealant?

Use Gloss Highlighter regularly after washing and drying your vehicle. This quick and easy to apply spray-on product contains many of the same ingredients found in Polish & Sealant to provide continual protection.

What surfaces can I use Trim & Leather Renewer on?

Vinyl, leather, porous plastic and rubber located on the interior and exterior of a vehicle all respond beautifully. Do not apply to paint, glass or fabric.

Does Trim & Leather Renewer leave a greasy-looking, slippery surface?

No – it dries to a non-oily appearance that isn’t slippery.

Can Trim & Leather Renewer be used as a tire dressing?

No – we do not recommend this product for tires.